Feeling stuck? Unlock your potential with me, Alison at Power of You.

Why choose me?

  • Dual Expertise: I am both a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapist, offering a holistic approach that caters to your unique needs.
  • Tailored Solutions: No one-size-fits-all therapy here.  I will personalises each session to address your specific struggles, whether it's overcoming phobias, boosting confidence, or managing your pain or anxiety.
  • Proven Results: Witness the transformative power of hypnotherapy and counselling. My experience and client testimonials speak volumes about my success in empowering individuals to achieve lasting change.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment:  I will creates a warm, non-judgmental space where you can openly explore your challenges and discover your inner strength.
  • Convenient Options: Choose from in-person or online sessions, making therapy accessible and flexible for your busy life.

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Contact me today via the Power of You website email. Invest in yourself the health and wellbeing you deserve.



    Calling me is a great option too! It allows for a more personal response and immediate conversation, which can be helpful in getting a feel for me and my practice and if you would like to work with me in order to bring about a solution to your issue.


    If I am not available, please feel free to leave me a message, clearly stating your name and telephone number.  I will get back to you with 48 hours.

    Alison's therapy suite is based at Your Choice Medical.  Please contact Alison direct NOT via your Choice Medical as this will slow your reply down.